ARFC 7.31.19


ARFC is turning ONE! To celebrate our one year anniversary, we are celebrating with a FREE community workout on Saturday August 3rd @10am. This workout is open to everyone. There will also be vendors onsite such as Outside the Box selling apparel and gear and Lion Fit Foods sampling their meal prep. Make plans to celebrate with us!

Alamo Ranch Fit Club – Functional Fitness



Tempo Clean Deadlift 7 sets of 1

Tempo: 7 seconds Up, 7 Seconds Down

Set 1: 40%

Set 2: 45%

Set 3: 50%

Set 4: 55%

Sets 5-7: 60%

The goal is to maintain the tempo, not to get heavy.

Percentage is based off 1 RM Clean.

Rest as needed between sets.


Ninja Turtle (Time)

5 Rounds, Every 4 Minutes:

3/2 BMU

6 T2B

9 DL (RX 205/145) (RX+ 225/155)

Cal Bike (RX 12/9) (RX+ 15/12)

*Score is slowest of the 5 intervals