ARFC 2.27.20


Happy Birthday Mischa!

Alamo Ranch Fit Club – Functional Fitness


Warm-up (No Measure)

7:00 Clock:

10 Touchdown

10 Wall Angels

10 Banded OH Squats

10 Banded High Pulls

10 Single Arm Rig Slides

5 Pillar To Plank

5 Downward Dog Hand to Toe each side

10 Min Snatch Position Drills


Snatch E2MOM

10 min E2MOM:

Hang Snatch @ 60% X 2

w/ a 2 second pause in the receiving position
These should not be heavy. You should be able to confidently receive the bar for 2 reps without dropping the bar.

The focus is improving your setup for the 2nd pull and getting comfortable spending time with the bar overhead. If you can squat snatch, receive the bar in the squat, if not work to your lowest position where you can maintain technique.


Metcon (Time)

For Time:

20 Snatch

40 bar facing burpees

20 Clean and Jerk

Weights: RX (115/85) – Sc1 (95/75) – Sc2 (75/55)
Target Time: 8:00

Time Cap: 12:00

Weight on the Snatch/C&J should be light/moderate. Think quick small touch & go sets of 2-5 when fresh. If you drop to quick singles that is ok, but if you have to stand and stare at the bar it is to heavy.

Burpees should be a consistent pace w/ minimal rest.

Think 2 minutes for the snatches, 4 for the burpees, and 2 for the C&J.