About Us

We are Alamo Ranch’s premiere functional fitness training facility.
Conveniently located off of 1604 between Shaenfield and Culebra, next to Del’s Grass Farm, ARFC offers functional fitness for everyone!
Our functional fitness classes are coach led and typically include some combination of a warm-up, skill or strength training, and Workout of the Day (or “WOD”).
Our workouts can always be scaled so that new athletes can workout alongside veteran athletes. We utilize infinite combinations of gymnastics, running, rowing, squatting, barbell work, kettlebells and more.  If you’re looking for extremely well rounded fitness, in a fun and motivating group setting, this is an excellent option.
The goal of our program is to improve your quality of life outside of the gym. It’s extremely rewarding to look good now, but it will be even more rewarding when you are able to fight off the nursing home and play outside with your grandchildren years down the road.
Our facility also offers an air conditioned Kids room, shower and access to the sauna.
Don’t wait, contact us today for your first free visit!