None of our memberships require you to sign a contract! We believe that if we train our athletes well you will stay because you are getting the results you want, not because you are forced to.

What’s included?

Class Plans

All class plans include our functional fitness classes. These classes include strength training, conditioning and most importantly, the guidance of a coach. Our coaches guide you through the class, explaining how to modify the programming for your skill level and goals, and ensuring you are performing the movements correctly.

*Unlimited Memberships also get 24/7 access to the facility as well as access to the sauna.

Ask about Military, Police, Fire and Teacher discounts.

Class Sessions

These are best if you only want to stop in from time to time, they include punch card and drop in sessions for our functional fitness classes

Appointment Sessions

Appointment sessions cover any specialized services we offer, such as one on one nutrition coaching and our complimentary introductory session.