Functional Fitness

Life is about moving! These sessions are geared towards improving your overall fitness. They include strength training, conditioning and most importantly, the guidance of a coach. Our coaches guide you through the class, explaining how to modify the programming for your skill level and goals, and ensuring you are performing the movements correctly.

5 Sessions per Week
$36.99 / week
3 Sessions per Week
$28.99 / week

** We offer discounts for military, veteran, first responder, teachers and nurses. We also offer couples discounts if joining with someone else. To have a discount applied please contact us.

Nutrition Coaching

We have a degree certified Nutritionist on site. We routinely provided nutrition seminars and challenges for our athletes, but also offer additional one on one nutrition coaching for anyone that wants to really focus on improving their health.

Athletic Team Conditioning

These classes are designed specifically to help your athletes improve in their sport. Designed for their needs and led by a coach to ensure proper technique and scaling. Contact us for details.

Corporate Wellness

While businesses in our community are working to build a better place for us, we are working at helping people build a healthier version of themselves. We offer custom employee membership packages so your employees can come get their workout in together. Contact us for details.

Open Gym

Take advantage of our facility on your own schedule. Work on some accessory work, or get in your own workout.

Open Gym Only
$19.99 / week